Register for Logistics 2.0 - Fuse Data & Technology to Manage Customer Expectations

Posted 22nd September 2020

Register for Logistics 2.0 - Fuse Data & Technology to Manage Customer Expectations

Join our exclusive digital event in partnership with Google and learn about logistics 2.0.

You’ll discover how to solve operational inefficiencies, meet on demand customer evolving expectations (especially around e-commerce and retail) and drive new ancillary revenue streams in all forms of logistics: from first to last mile, vehicular tracking and safety trucking, telematics, fleet management and roadside assistance. Addressing core industry challenges, Oni & Google will talk you through data driven solutions to help your business:

  • Reduce the impact of poor location data
  • Build new revenue streams using existing digital assets
  • Accurately meet on demand customer SLA expectations
  • Algorithmically map regulatory requirements 

Click on your preferred time and date to register your spot:

Meet our Keynote Speakers 

Nicola Dalmazzo - Nicola leads the Google Maps Business for ASEAN. Evolving at Google for the last 7 years, he became a digital transformation expert and worked across several industries supporting international and local large corporations. In 2018 he joined Google Cloud in Singapore with the objective of building a strong Geo partners ecosystem in ASEAN and helping clients to embrace Location Intelligence in their business. 

Ian McPherson - Ian has been at Google for the past 6 years coming from a military background (fun fact was even a captain in the Australian navy!) and now works in the Google Maps team with their largest customers in JAPAC. Ian specialises in using Google location technology to solve complex business problems.

Martin Tiekle - Martin has been at Oni for the past 8 years, originally from our ANZ office, he started our Asian business in Singapore  and is now based in London working with our largest customers globally. Martin leads our commercial consulting team specialising in logistics, first and last mile delivery and telematics. 

Jean Sung - Jean has been with Oni for 4 years and has been central to the management of the Asian Google Cloud business. Jean specilises in development of new markets across the Asia region and Geodata and Geolocation technologies.