Google Cloud Recognises OniGroup’s Technical Proficiency and Proven Success In Work Transformation - Enterprise

Posted January 11th, 2021

OniGroup achieves the Work Transformation - Enterprise Partner Specialisation  in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

OniGroup is proud to announce that it has achieved the Work Transformation - Enterprise Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. By earning the Partner Specialization, OniGroup has proven their expertise and success in building customer solutions in the Work Transformation - Enterprise field using Google Cloud technology.

Specializations in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program are designed to provide Google Cloud customers with qualified partners that have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven success in
specialized solution and service areas. Partners who earn specialization badges go through a rigorous technical assessment, employ certified experts, demonstrate repeatable customer success, and have a business plan to invest in their area of specialization.

Partners with this specialization have demonstrated significant success deploying Google Workspace to
large enterprise organizations, which includes providing services across all project work streams – such as
Governance, Technical, People, Process, and Support.

“We want to enable our partners to enhance the way their teams communicate and collaborate by doing it
faster, smarter and in a secure way. How we all engage with our colleagues, customers and partners
should be enabled by technology while focusing on the user and this is something that is core to how
Google Cloud thinks about the services and solutions that they bring to market as part of Google
Workspace. OniGroup is here to enable and educate our partners in leveraging these intelligent tools, to
make work more enjoyable by focusing on the activities that bring value to your business.” - Darragh
Murphy, Director

Founded in 2006, OniGroup is a multi-award winning Google Cloud Premier Partner and business
technology specialist. Through its offices in London, Sydney, and Singapore, the Company empowers over
thousands of clients across more than 50 countries with solutions that are designed to help its customers
meet their strategic business objectives every day. OniGroup’s innovative custom knowledge layers and
products are built on top of Google's powerful enterprise suite of Google Cloud, Google Maps, Google
Workspace, and Google Analytics technologies enabling the team to deliver transformative solutions on a
global scale across wide-reaching key verticals.

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