Oni ACE: Address Cleansing Engine

Verify and improve unstructured addresses from 3rd parties

Oni ACE: Address Cleansing Engine

Oni Address Cleansing Engine is a backend web service (API) designed for businesses who need to validate and improve the quality of unstructured addresses captured from 3rd parties, from systems where there is no front-end validation in place, or even when transcribing addresses from paper to a digital platform.

Key features include:

  • Directly ingest addresses from different file types, CRMs & even data pipelines
  • Error detection & accuracy measurement for each address at an address component level
  • Address enrichment & recommendations for missing or incorrect address components 
  • Direct customer address ‘feedback loop’ via a front end revalidation service for poor addresses
  • Address Translation & non latin-character transliteration
  • Localisation of address components
  • Fully managed service built on Google Cloud Platform backed by the strongest geospatial database globally in Google Maps Platform

Logistics & Delivery: Validating 3rd party set of addresses

Most logistics and delivery companies validate 3rd party addresses by cross-checking them with their own or 3rd party database / APIs, or even via Google’s Geocoding API. 

However this won’t be enough in most cases: these solutions will only tell you that something is wrong with an address,  but they won’t tell you why it’s wrong. They will also only validate the fields provided by the customer at checkout but won’t tell you which fields are missing. 

Oni ACE can solve this problem by identifying missing components as well as offering a customer feedback loop using a link based front-end validation service AVW.

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Transliteration for address verification

If you operate in regions such as the Middle East or Asia, you might be having issues when translating addresses written in special characters. Translating languages such as Arabic and Chinese require a complex process of transliteration from one system of writing to another based on phonetic similarity. 

ACE incorporates advanced machine learning technologies for an accurate transliteration that allows for faster address validation while maintaining the integrity of the address.

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Financial Services & Insurance: Address Validation for KYC & Fraud prevention

Having the right Address Validation system in place is critical for financial services and insurance companies:  ensuring a customer provides a valid address when opening a bank account helps prevent fraudulent users. It also guarantees that customers receive key communications via post, such as bank cards. Additionally, maintaining a clean address data set enables the collection of debts to be simplified by ensuring correspondence is received to enforce repayments.

When it comes to a business customer instead, being able to identify a change in address or understand if there is still business operating at a certain address, can be vital in helping banks to comply with laws. 

Our Address cleansing service can alert you when one of your business customers changes their listing, avoiding failure to comply with industry regulations.

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Address Cleansing Service for Retail & eCommerce

Retailers and ecommerce providers should capture and validate the customer addresses at the source with our Address Verification Widget.

If no front end validation was in place, Oni’s ACE can work retrospectively to identify and fix incorrect or incomplete addresses to avoid future missed deliveries, redeliveries and other futile charges that can hinder your business growth. 

Oni’s address cleansing engine also helps retailers and ecommerce providers identify and remove duplicates of customer addresses within a CRM.

Other Address Cleansing Use Cases

Home Insurance

  • More accurate property valuation 
  • Better claim process 

Government and Healthcare

  • Validation of paper-based forms 
  • Combining data from multiple systems and sources

Sales & Marketing & Telecom

  • Geospatial analysis of customer database
  • Informs better business decisions

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Oni ACE and all associated infrastructure and components have been independently assessed by a cyber security agency that is OSCP certified, a member of CREST International and aligned with AS/NZS ISO/IEC 27002:2006, AS/NZS ISO/IEC 27001:2006 & AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009.

OniGroup has also been independently assessed by Cyber GRX and has passed Tier 2 risk validation.

Client testimonials

"OniGroup has exceptional delivery capabilities providing excellent deployment and high quality support. They solved our business challenges where other solution providers had failed. They are a true extension of Google as a Premier Google Enterprise Partner"

"Just a quick note to commend the team for delivering a recent bout of changes with unrealistic timelines. With innovation pieces like Cardless Cash at ATMs, speed to market and delivering on our promise to the customer is key. Your team has certainly played a part in that."

“We are proud to provide this recognition to OniGroup, who has consistently demonstrated sales, deployment and support excellence to our customers.”

I commend you on the quality of the report and presentation. I would like to thank your team for their support, commitment and professionalism during this PoC. There were some challenges along the way, but we eventually succeeded. I am more than happy to provide a reference for future work.

They were excellent in all areas, including visiting all of our offices to conduct face-to-face training and in producing relevant content to support the transition. They also helped us work through nuts-and-bolts activities; such as transferring documents from our previous email and document systems to Gmail and Docs respectively.

Onigroup really understands our business and sometimes even goes the extra mile to give insights on the latest trends in real estate, something that goes beyond their job scope. This shows their high level of commitment to this partnership, which is something we value.

Thanks to OniGroup for inviting us and sharing the latest insights on Last-Mile tech. I was mesmerized by the office, the view, and the electrifying conversations with the Last Mile pros; I almost forgot to take pictures.



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