Last Mile Fleet Solution by Google

Advanced first & last mile technology to solve complex delivery challenges

Last Mile Fleet Solution by Google Maps Platform

Provide best-in-class courier and customer experiences, while enabling a more dynamic, optimized vehicle fleet with Last Mile Fleet Solution by Google. 

LMFS is part of the Oni Mobility Program which provides access to an exclusive modular toolkit for developers to solve fundamental challenges around Last Mile Delivery delivery. This program and toolkit was created in collaboration with major multinational delivery companies using new and expanded capabilities from Google Maps Platform, expediting the go-to-market for developing complex delivery services and innovative experiences. 

Lastly, the program follows a success-based commercial model, meaning you only pay if you successfully deliver the package.

Key features include:

  • Address Verification (backend & front end)
  • Route Optimisation (Day of execution, pre-planning & scheduling)
  • Real-time driver navigation
  • Customer transparency & live shipment tracking 
  • Fleet performance via logging & alerts
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Address Verification: Backend & Frontend

Most logistics and delivery companies receive address data from 3rd parties with little to no address validation. This means that all they can do is cross-check them with their own or 3rd party databases / APIs, or even via Google’s Geocoding API. 

However this won’t be enough in most cases: these solutions will only tell you that something is wrong with an address,  but they won’t tell you why. They will also only validate the fields provided by the customer at checkout but won’t tell you which fields are missing. 

Using both backend & front-end Address Verification we can solve these problems by identifying missing components as well as offering a customer feedback loop to validate poor addresses directly from the source using AVW

Route Optimisation

A key element sometimes lost when thinking about route optimisation is the impact on the ‘day of execution’. Often pre-planning or sequencing is completed before the scheduled run commences, meaning any variables that affect courier ETAs will no doubt also affect customer SLAs. Variables such as real-time traffic, new pickups and dynamic changes to the road network are unknown so delivery windows become inaccurate & set the wrong expectations. Often causing expensive support tickets.

The LMFS Routes Preferred API uses real-time traffic data to calculate upwards of 100 delivery points per courier, providing accurate ETAs, direct routes to complete tasks and maximum transparency for both the dispatcher and consignee.

Additionally, this functionality can be further extended using Cloud Fleet Routing for advanced sequence analysis, route calculation and capacity management including cost vs time.PNG

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Driver Routing & Navigation to improve Route Compliance

While constructing an optimised route is vital to meeting customers' expectations, when couriers don’t follow that route it can have the opposite effect. One bad turn, one misjudged ‘shortcut’ can throw out a schedule and result in missed delivery windows. Additionally, without a direct signal from a courier as to new changes in traffic, affecting drive times, ETAs remain static and incorrect. Both of these coupled with dangerous ‘multi-app switching’ from task to navigation, mean safety and compliance are also under threat.

LMFS offers a customisable and integrated turn-by-turn navigation experience. Calculating traffic congestion, patterns and external variables to maintain dynamic and accurate ETA windows. No more switching apps, no more missed delivery paths.

Customer transparency & live shipment tracking

With the explosion of On-Demand Delivery and Quick Commerce over the past decade, customer expectations have changed. Meaning not only do ETAs need to be real-time, but customers also need to have complete transparency of their shipment. Offering delivery windows of 8 hours or even 3 hours is no longer acceptable and directly results in customer attrition. Without near real-time transparency, customers have no indication when a courier will arrive and may not be home, resulting in expensive futile charges.

Using Last Mile Fleet Solution, delivery companies can now craft custom experiences based on differing levels of transparency they want to provide their customers including stops remaining, dynamic ETAs, time ranges and of course real-time tracking via a familiar Google Maps Platform interface.

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Fleet Performance

As customers require ever more transparency, so do delivery companies. This is to diagnose network issues, external variables such as traffic or congestion and even the safety of couriers. Without a centralised means of tracking a fleet, dispatchers are unable to make decisions to meet SLAs and mitigate these issues.

LMFS offers a visual map-based fleet intelligence library that enables delivery companies to track vehicles in near real-time, including tasks and ETAs. Additionally, with LMFS Cloud Logging you can gain insights on task completion, ETA management and even billing. Custom alerts can even be set up to keep track of key fleet events and compliance.

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For over a decade, OniGroup have been working with Google to bring the best in-class technology to enterprises. We help businesses seamlessly integrate solutions into their current stack as well as training them on how to use these solutions to ensure customer success and excellence. 

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In 2019 Oni was presented as the Global Location Based Services Google Cloud Partner of the Year as recognition from Google of our work with our customers.

Have a location based problem? We can solve it.

For over a decade we’ve been helping leading brands across the globe solve location based challenges. Whether you’re looking to find new revenue streams from untapped location data sources or you need to reduce operating expenses, we know what to do.

From logistics and e-commerce to real estate and financial services, Oni can enable your location data through Google Maps Platform technology to help you grow your business. We’ve been doing this since 2006 and Google gives us awards for it!

In 2019, Oni was presented as the Global Location Based Services Google Cloud Partner of the Year as recognition from Google of our work with our customers. 

Location Services

Client testimonials

"OniGroup has exceptional delivery capabilities providing excellent deployment and high quality support. They solved our business challenges where other solution providers had failed. They are a true extension of Google as a Premier Google Enterprise Partner"

"Just a quick note to commend the team for delivering a recent bout of changes with unrealistic timelines. With innovation pieces like Cardless Cash at ATMs, speed to market and delivering on our promise to the customer is key. Your team has certainly played a part in that."

“We are proud to provide this recognition to OniGroup, who has consistently demonstrated sales, deployment and support excellence to our customers.”

I commend you on the quality of the report and presentation. I would like to thank your team for their support, commitment and professionalism during this PoC. There were some challenges along the way, but we eventually succeeded. I am more than happy to provide a reference for future work.

They were excellent in all areas, including visiting all of our offices to conduct face-to-face training and in producing relevant content to support the transition. They also helped us work through nuts-and-bolts activities; such as transferring documents from our previous email and document systems to Gmail and Docs respectively.

Onigroup really understands our business and sometimes even goes the extra mile to give insights on the latest trends in real estate, something that goes beyond their job scope. This shows their high level of commitment to this partnership, which is something we value.

Thanks to OniGroup for inviting us and sharing the latest insights on Last-Mile tech. I was mesmerized by the office, the view, and the electrifying conversations with the Last Mile pros; I almost forgot to take pictures.



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Victoria Department of Health

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