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2020 has accelerated everything. Emerging trends such as New Retail have now almost become a customer expectation. With these new expectations comes a greater reliance on technology to help manage the customer journey at every point. For retailers whose core function is not that of a technology company, this can be difficult to navigate let alone design, build and deploy. At Oni it is our job to reduce this complexity. 

10 years ago it was said that anything not connected to a smartphone would no longer exist a decade later, can we now say the same for services not connected to convenience or on demand delivery? If there is one thing that 2020 has taught us is anything can be delivered… However, have we missed the forgotten last mile?

Click & Collect by Oni is part of our Logistics 2.0 suite of solutions designed specifically to embrace technology, real time data and on demand convenience to provide new experiences for customers and retailers alike. 

What is Click & Collect?

Click & collect is a fast, secure and convenient solution that allows retailers to provide a safe, speedy and familiar shopping experience. It allows the customer to comfortably and securely shop online and collect the items purchased in person whenever convenient for them. This means in most cases no delivery cost and shorter waits for the item to be in their hands.  Customers' demand for click & collect keeps rising: in 2018, 81.4% of ecommerce shoppers worldwide reported ordering items online for in-store pickup (up nearly 30 percentage points from the prior year) as more consumers are drawn to the service's convenience and speed. Nearly half said they used click-and-collect services to avoid shipping fees, followed by roughly 45% who used it to save time by not having to shop in-store.

The most common types of click and collect services are:

  • In-store shopping and collection
  • In-store pickup via lockers or at the counter
  • Ship-to-store 
  • Remote pickup at locations such as partnering stores, post offices or logistics parties pickup points

Whichever service you’re looking to provide, Oni can help you deliver the most innovative and seamless experience to your customers and help you reduce delivery costs. Get in touch to request a demo of our click and collect widget.

There are many advantages to adopting click and collect instead of choosing delivery. The 3 core benefits of click & collect are:

1. Reducing cost for both retailers and customers.

Choosing click and collect over a delivery is much more cost effective for the retailer and in  most cases free for the customer, winwin! .  Let’s have a look at the savings the retailer can benefit from. 

  • Firstly, no delivery fee so no need to manage in house logistics or partner with third party logistics companies to manage the last mile. 
  • No futile charge going against missed deliveries, redeliveries, no out of delivery zones or customer complaints that would require support tickets and inundate your customer service. 

  • No postal returns! Customers can open the package in store, verify that they’re satisfied with the quality of products in real time & return immediately if needed with no postage costs for either party. 

2. A Faster Shopping Experience 

Click and collect allows you to speed up the sales funnel by offering Instant gratification & enhanced real time convenience. Most retailers are moving to hub & spoke distribution, meaning traditional stores in both urban and non urban centres can be used as both traditional stores and fulfillment centres. This then leads to a core deciding factor for customer conversion. A customer is much more likely to choose a store that offers a fast pickup over a competitor with longer delivery times.  


3. More secure 

When we talk about security there are two different aspects to think about.

  1. Becoming contactless. Opting for a self service click and collect option can be a completely contactless experience. You can simply leave the parcel in a locker for the customer to pick up whenever they want. This solution is particularly beneficial in the current COVID era where businesses are doing everything they can to minimise contact. 
  2. Safety is paramount. if the customer is responsible for picking up the parcel there’s less of a chance of product loss - think how many times we have come home to find a delivery has been left unsafely on our doorstep and how many times that it has even gone missing? And you as the retailer are most likely to have to cover the cost. 

Do you want to know exactly how much you could save with click & collect? Get in touch to calculate the cost of failed deliveries to your business and determine the ROI of implementing our click and collect solution.

How do I implement click and collect?

The key components to consider when implementing a click and collect solution are: 

  • Customer geolocation (where is my customer)
  • ETP (Estimated time of pickup)
  • ETA for pickup - When will the customer arrive? 

A seamless widget integration 

Oni can help you develop a powerful and real time widget to adopt click and collect with your customers, including:

  • When to leave: Real time or predictive call to action to make sure they arrive before the store closes
  • Durations: Real time journey times
  • Multiple travel modes: Driving, walking, public transport even cycling
  • Simple Google Map interface
  • It’s very simple to incorporate into any website via simple code 
  • It’s cheaper than a platform solution that would have to be built and designed from scratch
  • It’s unobtrusive iframe, so it functions as a smart tailored banner

Furthermore, the widget comes across differently from how a normal store locator would. This makes it more prominent, making it a functional, smart advertisement. Get in touch to book your workshop with our team or request a demo of how the click and collect widget works.

A click and collect widget built on Google technology

Oni Click & Collect uses the most advanced Google Maps & Cloud technology to ensure data, intelligence and scalability are paramount to the solution. 

Google Maps Platform is the most widely used and advanced location technology platform globally. Google invests an incredible amount of R&D to evolve and improve the services which makes it the best location based platform on the market. Based on the millions of users of Google Maps every day we can tap into the search relevancy and vast global database of addresses to accurate and relevant address matching.

Underpinning everything is Google Cloud Platform, the same infrastructure Google leverages to run it’s own core services. With a simple web services you can tap into a powerful managed service of auto scaled infrastructure and data management to focus on your business not on hosting. We utilise the latest in Google’s compute infrastructure so a developer with no experience can quickly launch the service across multiple markets with no infrastructure experience. Period.

Have a location based problem? We can solve it.

For over a decade we’ve been helping leading brands across the globe solve location based challenges. Whether you’re looking to find new revenue streams from untapped location data sources or you need to reduce operating expenses, we know what to do.

From logistics and e-commerce to real estate and financial services, Oni can enable your location data through Google Maps Platform technology to help you grow your business. We’ve been doing this since 2006 and Google gives us awards for it!

In 2019, Oni was presented as the Global Location Based Services Google Cloud Partner of the Year as recognition from Google of our work with our customers. 

Location Services

What is the real cost of inaccurate addresses?

Inaccurate addresses have enormous operational impacts and can directly cause failed deliveries, redeliveries and lost items. These kind of issues have huge financial repercussions for both retailers and logistics providers. 

Calculating the financial impact is complex and can often uncover hidden costs the business was not even aware of. This can also vary depending on the sector you operate.

With our experience, the Oni team can help you calculate the exact cost of these futile charges and identify the root problems to stop them reoccurring.

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Request a Demo of our Click & Collect Widget

Oni Click & Collect uses the most advanced Google Maps & Cloud technology to ensure data, intelligence and scalability are paramount to the solution. 

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