Address Validation

Capture the right address at the source.

Oni AVW: Address Verification Widget

Meet Oni AVW. A globally scalable address validation widget made for e-commerce, retail, logistics & financial services. No more multi-line free text fields that could lead to incorrect addresses, no more validation after the address has been entered or worse even after the purchase is complete. Welcome to real time validation without the need to even know your address. That’s right. We can pinpoint a park bench, a beach umbrella and of course the side of a curb.

Oni AVW’s mission is to standardise address validation no matter what country you operate in. With advanced logic to detect what’s wrong with an address, visual cues on Google Maps to expedite customer conversions and the ability to deliver to a specific point within a block of flats or building, Oni Address Validation is the next evolution for e-commerce.

Oni AVW will help you increase fulfilment rates, reduce customer dropouts and speed up the conversion process. It also plays a key role in KYC and fraud prevention for financial services. 

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What is the real cost of inaccurate addresses?

Inaccurate addresses have enormous operational impacts and can directly cause failed deliveries, redeliveries, lost items and fraud. These kind of issues have huge financial repercussions for retailers, logistics and financial services providers. 

Calculating the financial impact is complex and can often uncover hidden costs the business was not even aware of. This can also vary depending on the sector you operate.

With our experience, the Oni team can help you calculate the exact cost of these futile charges and identify the root problems to stop them reoccurring.

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Oni Address Verification knows the address is wrong before you do.

If the customer misspells their address, Oni AVW can detect it and fix it in real time. If the customer enters the wrong address, our address validation widget can suggest an alternative based on powerful relevancy search. If the customer does not enter enough data we can tell them what’s missing. If the customer doesn’t know their address… We can solve that too. 

Using powerful object identification, digital addressing and an intuitive maps based user interface your customers can enter the right address, every time.

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Map Based Validation

If a customer can’t find their address in the drop down or if the location doesn’t look right, they can simply drag the pin to the precise location for validation & delivery on Google Maps. 

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Address Prompting

If a customer doesn’t input enough data we can prompt them to enter their full address. We validate the entry by breaking their input into address components such as street name and postcode. If they input less than the full address we can determine what components are missing and prompt them accordingly.

Search as you type fuzzy logic. Each customer keystroke searches the global Google database in real time, meaning every word whether it’s spelled correctly or not is cross checked. Recommended results (based on billions of searches on Google) show correct spelling to remove input errors and provide relevant results. It also supports over 40 languages and dialects. 

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Universal User Interface with or without an address

For thousands of years we have relied on maps to plan and take trips. It’s the visual nature of maps that ensures we feel comfortable in each aspect of our journey. In Oni AVW, maps are core. Some areas in the world don’t have an address, haven’t been mapped or do not fall into traditional address formats. With Oni AVW this doesn’t mean they can’t be customers too, on the contrary. It means we need to be more accurate, address or no address.

With a simple drag & drop we can pinpoint a user's delivery location down to a specific entry point, package drop zone, rider pick up area or picnic rug. We achieve this by digital addressing. They’re just like street addresses but can help you define a specific location for a conventional address. For example, you can identify different entrances to the same building or specific point on a property to leave a package safely with no contact.

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Address Verification Technology Built on Google Cloud

Oni Address Verification uses the most advanced Google Maps & Cloud technology to ensure data, intelligence and scalability are paramount to the solution. 

Google Maps Platform is the most widely used and advanced location technology platform globally. Google invests an incredible amount of R&D to evolve and improve the services which makes it the best location based platform on the market. Based on the millions of users of Google Maps every day we can tap into the search relevancy and vast global database of addresses to accurate and relevant address matching.

Underpinning everything is Google Cloud Platform, the same infrastructure Google leverages to run it’s own core services. With a simple API you can tap into a powerful managed service of auto scaled infrastructure and data management to focus on your business not on hosting. We utilise the latest in Google’s compute infrastructure so a developer with no experience can quickly launch the service across multiple markets with no infrastructure experience. Period.

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Address validation as code

Oni Address Verification is designed to be seamlessly integrated, universally compatible and plug in play with most web and mobile based application. How? We’ve designed it to be accessed with only a few basic lines of code. With basic Javascript you call it, we host it and Google scales it. No managing data, databases or even complex User Interfaces. Everything is built within a universal library to implement on your web application to validate customer addresses immediately.

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Have a location based problem? We can solve it.

For over a decade we’ve been helping leading brands across the globe solve location based challenges. Whether you’re looking to find new revenue streams from untapped location data sources or you need to reduce operating expenses, we know what to do.

From logistics and e-commerce to real estate and financial services, Oni can enable your location data through Google Maps Platform technology to help you grow your business. We’ve been doing this since 2006 and Google gives us awards for it!

In 2019, Oni was presented as the Global Location Based Services Google Cloud Partner of the Year as recognition from Google of our work with our customers. 

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Client testimonials

"OniGroup has exceptional delivery capabilities providing excellent deployment and high quality support. They solved our business challenges where other solution providers had failed. They are a true extension of Google as a Premier Google Enterprise Partner"

"Just a quick note to commend the team for delivering a recent bout of changes with unrealistic timelines. With innovation pieces like Cardless Cash at ATMs, speed to market and delivering on our promise to the customer is key. Your team has certainly played a part in that."

“We are proud to provide this recognition to OniGroup, who has consistently demonstrated sales, deployment and support excellence to our customers.”

I commend you on the quality of the report and presentation. I would like to thank your team for their support, commitment and professionalism during this PoC. There were some challenges along the way, but we eventually succeeded. I am more than happy to provide a reference for future work.

They were excellent in all areas, including visiting all of our offices to conduct face-to-face training and in producing relevant content to support the transition. They also helped us work through nuts-and-bolts activities; such as transferring documents from our previous email and document systems to Gmail and Docs respectively.

Onigroup really understands our business and sometimes even goes the extra mile to give insights on the latest trends in real estate, something that goes beyond their job scope. This shows their high level of commitment to this partnership, which is something we value.

Thanks to OniGroup for inviting us and sharing the latest insights on Last-Mile tech. I was mesmerized by the office, the view, and the electrifying conversations with the Last Mile pros; I almost forgot to take pictures.



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