On-Demand Rides & Deliveries Platform


Optimise Every Step of On-Demand Rides and Deliveries with one Single Platform: ODRD

Google Maps Platform have chosen to partner with Onigroup to provide you with their new On-Demand Rides and Delivery solution. 

ODRD provides you with a toolkit of SDKs, APIs & backend services to manage the end to end order, dispatch, routing & navigation of a taxi ride or delivery. Used by leading ride share and on demand delivery businesses globally, the platform provides:

  • Agile, scalable & flexible integration of complex features for expedited development

  • Low latency & high reliability of services hosted on Google Cloud

  • Tailored set of features for delivery & mobility businesses

  • Platform pricing designed to match the core commercial requirements for ride hailing, taxi and delivery companies, meaning it is a ‘success only’ model 

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