On-Demand Rides & Deliveries Platform by Google

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Optimise Every Step of On-Demand Rides and Deliveries with one Single Platform: ODRD

Google Maps Platform have partnered with Onigroup to enable you with their new On-Demand Rides and Deliveries solution. 

On-Demand Rides and Deliveries provides you with a toolkit of SDKs, APIs & backend services to manage the end to end order, dispatch, routing & navigation of a taxi ride or delivery. Used by leading ride share and on demand delivery businesses globally, the platform provides:

  • Agile, scalable & flexible integration of complex features for expedited development

  • Low latency & high reliability of services hosted on Google Cloud

  • Tailored set of features for delivery & mobility businesses

  • Platform pricing designed to match the core commercial requirements for ride hailing, taxi and delivery companies, meaning it is a ‘success only’ model 

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Frontend Address Verification

For any pick up or delivery service, whether it be people, food or groceries, the success of that transaction hinders on addresses. If an address is incorrect or inaccurate then the entire process is thrown off.

With the power of Google’s ODRD technology we can solve poor address entry, from:

  • Customer missing key address details or using colloquialisms
  • Misspelling road names
  • Not being able to find their location or address
  • Customers not being at the address they provided

This intelligent frontend verification uses the Oni Address Verification Widget. A globally scalable point of capture widget with advanced logic to detect what’s wrong with an address, visual cues on Google Maps to expedite customer conversions and the ability to deliver to a specific point within a block of flats or building, Oni Address Validation is the next evolution for on demand services.

Easy Pickup / Dropoff Selection

Integrating with OniGroup's Address Verification Widget, ODRD helps drivers and customers identify the easiest and safest location for pickup and/or dropoff around an address, for example in cases where a delivery entrance is different from a residential one. ODRD helps drivers and customers understand the best route for pick up and drop off as well as matching these points to right side of the road, Points Of Interest entrances, and safe pick/drop off spots.

Nearby Drivers for Dispatch

Improve your fleet efficiency by identifying the best driver for the job (whether they are in a car or on a bike) and providing optimal ETAs to your customers. The best driver is chosen for the job based on the direction of travel and driver capabilities, not just the nearest driver based on a linear distance.

ODRD enables job assignment at scale, with reduced latency than Google Maps Platform services, ordered assignment by ETAs to a pickup or drop off and intelligent job management to automate the assignment of new jobs to available drivers before they are idle. 

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Advanced routing for complex jobs

ODRD utilises a routing technology called the Routes Preferred API that incorporates more than just time and distance. Routes with multiple waypoints (stops) can be modelled in real time against traffic information (including toll information where available) to ensure drivers can choose the type of route they’d prefer, such as the most efficient, shortest or even a custom route. Routes can be constructed to manage driver headings and/or routed  to a specific side of the road.

With this level of API-driven customisation, rides and delivery companies can start solving more complex challenges such as dynamic territory or zone management, feeder vehicles and even pooling orders into a single trip. Focusing on maximising under utilised resources in your driver network to move towards profitability. 

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Embedded in-app turn by turn Driver Navigation

Tap into Google’s Nav SDK to not only natively embed the Google turn by turn experience into your driver app but capture real time location data to keep both customers and support always informed. This promotes your driver’s safety while boosting driver efficiency through route alignment and more accurate ETAs. 

The Nav SDK has been specially built for ODRD to enable a customised UI (branded to your colours) with real time calculated traffic congestion, traffic patterns and external variables to maintain dynamic and accurate ETA windows. No more switching apps, no more missed dropoff/pickup delivery jobs.

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Trip & Order Progress

“Where is my driver? Where is my order?” How many customers ask these questions every day?! 

Using ODRD, you can now craft custom transparency experiences based on the differing levels of detail you want to provide to your customers - including time, distance, dynamic ETAs, time ranges and of course real-time tracking via a familiar Google Maps Platform interface.

Reduce support tickets and unnecessary customer anxiety by providing real-time updates, linked directly to the driver’s current location and traffic conditions. 

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