Cloud Infrastructure.

Just because it’s in the cloud doesn’t mean it’s future proof.

Cloud Infrastructure solutions

Most businesses who are in the cloud have been utilising public cloud services. They are running multiple workloads, pipelines and services that power their entire business. However, with the rate of innovation and evolution from the likes of Google Cloud Platform how do they keep up with this change?

Oni was born in the cloud and has been using Google Cloud Platform since beta. That means we’ve had to take our own evolutionary approach to building our own company using Google’s cloud services. 

Oni researched and tested every new Google Cloud Platform technology to understand not only how it works, but also how it can be used to improve different businesses both commercially and technically. From Compute Engine (IaaS) to Cloud Storage to advanced reporting with Stackdriver through to App Engine (PaaS) and managed services like GKE and Cloud SQL, our knowledge is what makes Oni a leader in the modernisation of cloud infrastructure. 

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Google Cloud Platform Licensing Management & Cost Optimisation

Google Cloud Platform is one of the most widely used and advanced cloud technology platforms globally. Google invests an incredible amount of resources to evolve and improve Google Cloud Platform which is what makes it the most advanced cloud services platform on the market. Managing the immense rate of technology evolution can be complex and impact businesses via increased technology spend, slower development cycles and reduced functionality. 

Oni has been working with Google Cloud Platform from a technical and commercial perspective since its inception. We are experts in set up, configuration, implementation, optimisation and cost management. Saving businesses millions in technology costs through our offline billing, licensing services and strategic project driven account management via our Customer Success Program.

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Security & shadow IT

Imagine if 30-40 percent of your IT budget expenditure was managed by unsecured outside parties with non governance? For most organisations this is the case. Gartner studies have found that Shadow IT is 30 to 40 percent of IT spending. Each of these 3rd party services a company uses require login authentication. From Google Docs to Google Maps to Google Cloud and Google Ads. The challenge is this authorisation can be validated with unmanaged and unsecured personal accounts.

This is the core challenge of Shadow IT. What happens when that user leaves the organisation? 9 out of 10 times the company completely loses access to the service and the mission critical data too. From cloud infrastructure, to Google Analytics, to Google Ads to even 3rd party core APIs each service suffers from unauthenticated access and no user controls. 

Oni provides powerful shadow IT  audit technology to help pinpoint potential breaches. We can then lock these accounts down to be centralised, managed and secured for existing and new users. 

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Modernisation of legacy infrastructure

Legacy systems, on prem services and data centres are still prevalent in many businesses. Keeping these running, maintaining them and building on them can slow down organisations both technically and commercially. 

At Oni we believe the way to being a fully native cloud company is challenging but not impossible. With over a decade of experience in working across all aspects of hybrid cloud infrastructure and services, we can help you mitigate the risk across security, downtime, scalability and resourcing while expediting the shifting of all workloads to the cloud.

To accomplish this we take a 4 step approach to success: Scope - Architect - Migrate - Optimise. Our consultants are trained to provide in depth education and enablement to help organisations to skill up, implement and maintain new cloud technologies. We provide valuable insights into service capabilities, limitations, common challenges and best practices. We also set stringent trackable metrics to ensure the technology investment provides ROI.

Optimising high cloud infrastructure costs to increase ROI

Customers move to the cloud to be more agile, more innovative and have better control of their Total Cost of Ownership. Sometimes without the proper guidance this can result in the opposite, spiralling costs and slower development cycles.

Oni has the skills and experience to help predict compute and cloud technology provisioning resource requirements, identify inefficiencies, recommend optimisation techniques to better manage costs and implement advanced reporting and management of Google Cloud Platform to increase ROI while meeting core business objectives.

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Adopting a multi or hybrid cloud architecture

With public cloud provider lock in being stickier than ever, it can be hard to ensure your company is using the best stack of technology possible. All businesses want to choose the best of both worlds but are stuck with what they have available. This is due to compatibility limitations, high egress costs and limited security/governance.

What if you could choose the best technology, regardless of the provider for the job? Meet Oni. Our consultants are trained to know how multi and hybrid cloud are evolving  and how they can positively ensure success as your company grows. Our mindset is to think future proof first including edge computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and services such as Google Anthos. That way you’re prepared to effectively use new technologies to solve new business problems.

We have a dedicated team of certified Google Cloud Consultants and Solution experts who work closely with you to understand your business requirements and challenges.

We offer Hybrid Multi-Cloud management solutions for Organisations to enable end-to-end visibility into their Hybrid Multi-cloud environment, Hybrid Multi-Cloud Migration and Hybrid Multi-Cloud Orchestration.

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Meeting unknown scalability requirements during peak seasons

For both traditional retail and e-commerce, Black Friday, cyber Monday, Singles Day and major holidays all represent the most profitable shopping seasons globally. As these become more prevalent and bigger each year, keeping up with the scale becomes harder and harder. 

How many times have retail and e-commerce sites crashed down due to capacity, load and traffic issues? As retailers, your core function is to sell your products, not manage backend scalability. 

Using Oni and Google Cloud Platform we can show your DevOps team how to plan, architect and provision cloud resources to automatically scale as demand peaks higher year after year. This is across engaging technical, operational, and leadership stakeholders in improving processes and collaboration, establishing architectural patterns that help manage short term peak–type events and promoting best practices from the Oni Site Reliability Engineering team (OSRE).

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Automation to reduce manual resourcing requirements

Finding experienced DevOps resources is difficult and time consuming. Having enough talent to meet a company's DevOps requirements, even more difficult. Ensuring these resources have the time to educate themselves and focus on automation, modernisation and innovation, virtually impossible!

With the rate of innovation that cloud technology companies evolve their services at, keeping up to date is complex. It produces a reluctance to explore and implement new technologies such as serverless (FaaS), Kubernetes or CI/CDs.

To bridge this gap and enable these resources, Oni has developed advanced Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions.  With a single line of code a developer can enable and provision Google Cloud Platform projects with pre-configured development, staging and production environments including Kubernetes Clusters and CI/CDs. This easy to use reusable configuration for similar infrastructure helps you avoid mistakes and save time. Meaning developers can focus on innovation, DevOps can focus on core systems and the business can be more agile.

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Client testimonials

"OniGroup has exceptional delivery capabilities providing excellent deployment and high quality support. They solved our business challenges where other solution providers had failed. They are a true extension of Google as a Premier Google Enterprise Partner"

"Just a quick note to commend the team for delivering a recent bout of changes with unrealistic timelines. With innovation pieces like Cardless Cash at ATMs, speed to market and delivering on our promise to the customer is key. Your team has certainly played a part in that."

“We are proud to provide this recognition to OniGroup, who has consistently demonstrated sales, deployment and support excellence to our customers.”

I commend you on the quality of the report and presentation. I would like to thank your team for their support, commitment and professionalism during this PoC. There were some challenges along the way, but we eventually succeeded. I am more than happy to provide a reference for future work.

They were excellent in all areas, including visiting all of our offices to conduct face-to-face training and in producing relevant content to support the transition. They also helped us work through nuts-and-bolts activities; such as transferring documents from our previous email and document systems to Gmail and Docs respectively.

Onigroup really understands our business and sometimes even goes the extra mile to give insights on the latest trends in real estate, something that goes beyond their job scope. This shows their high level of commitment to this partnership, which is something we value.

Thanks to OniGroup for inviting us and sharing the latest insights on Last-Mile tech. I was mesmerized by the office, the view, and the electrifying conversations with the Last Mile pros; I almost forgot to take pictures.



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