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Productivity & Collaboration: Google Workspace

75% of global organisations are projected to increase the use of productivity tools and processes. This means choosing the right technology to direct this investment and momentum is more important than ever.

Oni has been using Google Workspace since day one as a core means of creating knowledge, sharing knowledge and communicating both internally and externally. We rely on it to power our business whether we are in the office or on the road, connecting our 1000+ customers and 3 global offices together in real time.

What this has provided us with is a knowledge and experience unlike any other provider. Our business was born and has grown with Google Workspace. As the technology has evolved so has our business, adapting to new needs, processes and abilities.

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Collaborate in real time to enable innovation

When employees work together on a document they should be able to work not only in unison but in real time. Creating and editing each aspect of the document as a team. For most organisations though, this is not the case. Due to poor existing productivity tools, organisations have mass document duplication, versioning issues and lost productivity trying to locate attachments.

With Google Workspace’s real-time collaboration on documents, employees are able to reduce the amount of emails being sent back and forth with updated versions and minor document changes. Users are able to share ideas and work with disparate teams in real time while also communicating with each other using Google Hangouts for instant messaging and video conferencing. Increasing collaboration while completing the work faster.  

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Knowledge sharing: Find the files you need instantly across multiple devices

Poor uncentralised document management costs businesses billions every year. With an inability to categorise and quickly search across documents company wide, employees are left manually sifting through old files, painfully trying to find the relevant information they need, often recreating information that cannot be found.

Google Workspace platform decreases time and effort spent searching for information via the built in Google Drive search. The ease of accessibility of information will increase productivity and ensure that decisions are based on current knowledge. Additionally, it also empowers mobile users so they are not tied down to a specific location.

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Simple and Powerful Administration controls

Every organisation knows that they should not keep data for longer than is "necessary", but determining what this means in practice can be very challenging. Data retention is core to meeting strict regulatory guidelines that govern how long a company can hold data and how it can be used.

With the help of OniGroup and Google Vault, we can build out the framework and execution to set up unlimited retention for all mail and files stored in Google Drive. This ensures no valuable data is accidentally deleted with all mail and Google Drive content securely stored in the Google Cloud with Google data security SLAs, certifications and data encryption.

This means your organisation has control to set its own policies, lock down access, manage data holds, accurately search across all data points and quickly export data for official audits.

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Automated Workflows with Google Workspace

Office workers globally spend 69 days a year on administrative tasks, costing companies $5 trillion a year. What if these administrative and manual tasks could be automated?

The Oni Productivity & Collaboration team have been specially trained to identify bottlenecks, overtly manual processes and knowledge sharing obstacles for automation.

With the core technologies and user friendly development tools of Google Workspace OniGroup can help empower your workers to improve productivity via simplifying the workflows of internal processes around data sharing and management without requiring deep technical experience. 

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Maintain and centralise access to confidential data & all of Google’s services

Imagine if 30-40 percent of your IT budget expenditure was managed by unsecured outside parties with non governance? For most organisations this is the case. Gartner studies have found that Shadow IT is 30 to 40 percent of IT spending. Each of these 3rd party services a company uses require login authentication. From Google Docs to Google Maps to Google Cloud and Google Ads. The challenge is this authorisation can be validated with unmanaged and unsecured personal accounts.

This is the core challenge of Shadow IT. What happens when that user leaves the organisation? 9 out of 10 times the company completely loses access to the service and the mission critical data too. From cloud infrastructure, to Google Analytics, to Google Ads to even 3rd party core APIs each service suffers from unauthenticated access and no user controls. 

Oni provides powerful shadow IT  audit technology to help pinpoint potential breaches. We can then lock these accounts down to be centralised, managed and secured for existing and new users.

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Client testimonials

"OniGroup has exceptional delivery capabilities providing excellent deployment and high quality support. They solved our business challenges where other solution providers had failed. They are a true extension of Google as a Premier Google Enterprise Partner"

"Just a quick note to commend the team for delivering a recent bout of changes with unrealistic timelines. With innovation pieces like Cardless Cash at ATMs, speed to market and delivering on our promise to the customer is key. Your team has certainly played a part in that."

“We are proud to provide this recognition to OniGroup, who has consistently demonstrated sales, deployment and support excellence to our customers.”

I commend you on the quality of the report and presentation. I would like to thank your team for their support, commitment and professionalism during this PoC. There were some challenges along the way, but we eventually succeeded. I am more than happy to provide a reference for future work.



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