Transition to Google Workspace with OniGroup Professional Services

Change Management Best Practices

Our overall methodology has been created in line with Google’s best practices and improved throughout OniGroup’s deployment experience over the years. The goal of this strategy is to ensure that the deployment is successful, efficiently adopted, and able to overcome resistance and reliance on legacy systems and processes. The change management approach we take consists of 4 phases: 1) Pre-Core IT, 2) Core IT, 3) Early Adopters, and finally 4) Go Live, with each having two aspects to them; namely the user adoption and technical streams detailed below.

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User Adoption

As experts of change, OniGroup will provide you with a dedicated Account Manager to guide you through the different work streams that have been key to our ongoing success in deployments of Google Workspace. This includes engaging executive sponsors to provide the vision and be the face of change, analyzing the change impact especially to identify and address key blockers, putting together a comprehensive communications plan from start to finish to build excitement and enable users to feel a part of the journey, and conducting training sessions across the whole product suite to increase familiarity and identify unique benefits of Workspace within each business unit. 

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Technical Setup and Data Migration

Whether you prefer we play a supporting role and point you in the right direction or a completely hands-on engagement, Oni will provide you all the assistance you need for the technical setup of your Google Workspace foundations, integration with important systems, and migration of relevant data. We will work with you to understand important watchpoints - from your existing infrastructure to the type of setup you have envisioned for the organization - to incorporate into our step-by-step project plan.

In being Google experts we also have a deep knowledge of the products your team may currently be using, like Microsoft, and what the process of moving this to Google would involve.