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Streamlining Cybersecurity and Device Management

Google Workspace, OniGroup and JumpCloud have partnered together to seamlessly manage identity, access, and devices across your organization from one platform. With JumpCloud, you can simplify your cybersecurity approach with enhanced single sign-on and cross-OS device management directly integrated into your Google Workspace instance. Enable security policies, patching, and seamless user provisioning from anywhere.

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Ongoing Technical Support

Our team’s expertise in Identity Management, Single-Sign-On and Endpoint Management allows us to help organisations adopt new technologies to ensure the security and scalability of their IT infrastructure. Being both a JumpCloud and Google technology specialist means we can provide tailored commercials, support and guidance through the design, implementation and management of these solutions.

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Enhancing Google Workspace with JumpCloud

We choose JumpCloud to support a number of functions that Google Workspace provides, notably device management and the automation of onboarding/offboarding workflows.

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