How Google Can Transform the Way you Work

Leverage Best of Breed Google Technologies With Organisational Control

Enable your organisation's agnostic technology environment with OniGroup. Our team has the expertise and best-practice needed to securely bring Google services under your central control and management.

Whilst there is immense value in providing employees with the autonomy and flexibility to leverage best of breed technology, it is also crucial that IT & security teams are able to govern and manage Google usage appropriately.

Given the broad range of services and capabilities that Google offers, we’ve found between 5% to 10% of employees within enterprise-sized organisations using their own Google tool. We can help you regain governance and control of this usage and securely integrate Google technologies into your existing systems. 

To find out how you can begin securely managing Google in your organisation, you can contact us here

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Enhance Productivity with Process Automation

OniGroup’s Workplace Transformation Team can help you identify inefficient workflows that would benefit from the latest productivity tools and no-code automation platforms from Google.

Our team’s deep technical and consultative expertise means that we are able to develop tailored solutions to your workflow problems. OniGroup’s holistic approach to Workplace Transformation considers all elements of change management and technical implementation.

Being one of the few Global Partners that are solely focused on Google, means that we can develop unique solutions to your productivity problems using a combination of Google technologies; including: ​​​​​​

  • Google Workspace
  • Appsheet
  • Appscript
  • Dialogflow
  • Chrome
  • BeyondCorp

Book a time with our Workplace Transformation Consultants here for an initial exploratory session to learn more about how Google’s productivity and automation tools can transform your business. 

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Modernise and Consolidate Technology Stacks

OniGroup can help your business explore opportunities to consolidate and enhance your technology stack without sacrificing functionality or usability. 

Our understanding of the relationship between people and technology means that we can provide honest guidance when  helping you navigate the best way to enhance and simplify your technology environment with Google Workspace, Chrome, Appsheet and BeyondCorp.

For an initial assessment and review of your technology environment for potential consolidation and modernisation opportunities with Google technology contact our team here

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Industry leading Collaboration and Innovation

Our Workplace Transformation team can help your organisation use Google Workspace’s industry-leading collaboration and communication tools to improve employee engagement. 

As a global business working with more than 1,000 of the world’s most disruptive organisations, we know how technology can be used to improve the way teams work together across a variety of environments and industries. 

Whether you're looking to unify your remote workforce, strengthen the connection between your teams or facilitate new ways of working; OniGroup  can help you identify and explore opportunities for improvement. 

Let us help you find ways to transform the way your organisation works together, contact us here.

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Modern Security for the Modern Workplace

Google Workspace provides a comprehensive range of security capabilities that OniGroup can help your business adopt to modernise and consolidate your existing security solutions. 

OniGroup’s Workplace Transformation team has the consultative and technical capacity to assess your current security posture, and help identify areas to potentially  transform your security environment with minimal disruption. 

To book a time with our team to understand how your existing security solutions could be modernised and simplified with Google technology, click here

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Future Proof Your Organisation

There are more than 117 million students and teachers using Google Workspace each day and it has become the widely preferred tool of the next generation of talent. 

OniGroup is here to help you adopt Google Workspace so you can adapt to the future of work. In doing so, our migration methodology focuses on analysing and improving the efficiency of your organisation to replace redundant and outdated process with the efficient Google workflows of tomorrow.